Friday, October 24, 2008

Entertainment Portal

At the office, my co-workers and I would entertain ourselves with Celebrity Gossip News from reading magazines, listening to the radio, or visiting an Online News Portal. We would specifically go to the Entertainment Portal during our breaktime, or whenever we get a chance. We have one friend whom we can always rely on news or gossips about a certain Hollywood star, or celebrity. She keeps us updated all the time. In fact, when she goes for a vacation in California next year, she'll make it a point to visit Hollywood, and some famous celebrity hang-outs to see actors or actresses. Clear365 is a great site to receive the latest news about politics, sports, entertainment, music, etc. You can freely watch videos, look up photos of celebrities, play games, read news on sports, listen to music. Sign-up is absolutely free. However, you do have an option to purchase songs or playlists from their site. Another wonderful feature of Clear365 is its ability to customize news based on your location. News, maps, traffic are specific to where you are located. Aside from that, you can upload your favorite photos in the site using Photobucket. You can also download ringtones or wallpapers that you personally like. Truly, Clear365 offers great promise in the news and entertainment service. Visit the site now. Keep yourself updated, and be entertained.

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