Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fair Estimate

Couple of months ago, my husband had been going back and forth to the auto repair shop to have his Jeep Liberty fixed. At first, it had been having some electrical malfunction. After having that fixed, another problem occurred, after just a few days of leaving the repair shop. One thing led to another. It was frustrating. We're not sure if it's really the car that was the problem, or if it was the mechanic's incompetence. When my previous car broke, we took it to the nearest shop and the car repair estimates seemed to be higher than we expected. We thought we should find a car repair shop that charges less without sacrificing quality of service.

There is an online car repair site called RepairPal that aims to help all vehicle owners out there. Its goal is for you to be fully knowledgeable with price estimates, which are fair and accurate, and any pertinent information regarding car ownership. A Toyota Camry repair would normally cost $39-62 for the air filter replacement. If you live in California, you can find top-rated San Francisco car repair shops in the site. Go to RepairPal, and get an accurate, unbiased, fair estimate for your car repair.

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Have a look at Our service will generate an accurate estimate (No ranges) giving you the exact labor time with average labor rates in your area calculated from a 65K record repair facility. Our service also lists out the exact OEM Part # & Price. Our system uses MOTOR Information Systems Parts & Labor data, the same data used by a majority of repair facilities in the US.


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