Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Thought

I guess I spoke too soon. I thought they were on the road to total recovery. But I was wrong. :( *sighs* I missed work last Monday for we had to bring Kaiden for a check-up. He's having a hard time breathing due to cold, and every time he coughs at night, he's like gagging. Noah was doing good that day. But as soon as we got home, he started to have a cold like Kaiden, and had begun coughing again. Asthma on the attack, I'd say. Again, sleepless nights for the whole family. Babies haven't really been sleeping well due to the sniffles and constant barking. Never mind me not having enough sleep. Just them I care, and worry. *sighs* :(

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DebbieDana said...

I'm sorry to hear again about babies Noah and Kaiden being sick... Daniel, too, got sick. He had high fever that we hurriedly took him to the ER... He has an ear infection... It's hard to see our babies suffer isn't it? If only, we can just take away their pain.... Sigh!


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