Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spend Wisely

It's the hard times. Most companies have been laying off employees. Some small businesses have decided to close. Almost every family is affected by the economic crisis that the country is experiencing right now. To save, I allot myself time to cut out coupons that I can possibly use on groceries and baby stuff. Before, I would do many trips to the grocery store. Now, I stick to my schedule and just buy whatever is on my list. I buy generic brands on most things since they are much cheaper and can pretty much compete with the popular name brand items. There are days that my husband and I would carpool to save on gas. He would drop me off to work and pick me up and the kids at the daycare in the afternoon. It's been a year since I had my vision checked. Although last month, I had to go to the eye clinic to have my eyeglasses repaired. For some reason, the tiny screw that attaches the lens and the frame got loose. I'm thinking of getting a new one actually without spending much. I've been looking online and I found one that I seem to like. As low as $8.00, I can get a new, high-quality pair of eyeglasses. Wow! That's an awesome deal! I'm thinking of getting the 3857 Plastic Fashion Frame from Zenni Optical. Budget is tight and I'm glad I found Zenni Optical. They are mentioned in the book Living Rich by Spending Smart. Read it and be enlightened.

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