Monday, October 20, 2008

Kaiden's 4th Month

My dear Kaiden is 4 months now. Still learning how to eat solid food but he's getting there. He gets frustrated at times for he wants to eat more. He just doesn't know how to eat from the spoon yet. Practice, practice. Practice leads to perfection. That's what I always tell him. heheh :) He drinks a good amount of milk. Oh boy, infant milk can sure cost a lot! I'm just thankful though that my good friend at work can get me some cans of formula from a pediatrician's clinic across our hall. It helps us save a fair amount of money. At 4th month, he has been moving a lot! Kicking here and there! We make sure there is a big pillow at the side of the bed, or that he's in the middle, because he's slowly learning to roll over now. Yeah, he's getting bigger, and stronger!

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DebbieDana said...

WOW! Baby Kaiden is already 4 months! Time flies so fast, isn't it? I'm gad to hear he's getting much bigger and stronger... I can tell, too, by looking at his recent photo. :)

And yes, sobrang mahal ng formula... I give Daniel a bottle of formula milk before bedtime every night and the small can is not even good enough for 1 week...bilis mauubos!


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