Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kaiden's Bumbo Seat

I got this popular Bumbo Seat for babies at a garage sale when we were doing our morning walk. Guess how much it was? $8.00! hehehe! As far as I know, Bumbo seats cost as much as $40 for brand new. I wanted to get one for Noah when he was still a baby. But, I was having second thoughts since it's too expensive for me, add up the other big expenses like crib, bassinet, car seat, etc. Glad I found an inexpensive one although used. Being a practical, prudent mom, I don't mind if it's brand new or not, as long as it's clean and still in good shape. As you can see, mah bebeh Kaiden loves it. That's for sure! :)

1 comment:

DebbieDana said...

He's getting bigger and cuter!!! I can really see Noah in him.. :)


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