Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For A Cleaner Air

I had broncho-pneumonia when I was little. Then, I just learned recently from my mother that I suffered from asthma too when I was a kid. Thank God I outgrew it. My husband though still suffers from allergies and asthma that he needs to use the inhaler at times. No wonder our babies, Noah and Kaiden have them. Heredity plays a big part. Noah still has asthma, but is well-controlled now. Kaiden is still coughing, but is not as worse as the past week. Like most doting parents, we would anything to help them lessen, if not totally eliminate their suffering. One is making sure we have the home air purifier. We have one in the living room. Also, we have an air humidifier in the bedroom. They do help relieve asthma attacks, but it's of equal importance that they are properly maintained. Clean filters or replace them as instructed. Quality of the air we breathe in is improved with the use of home air purifier.


KareAnderson said...

Better yet get a whole home air cleaner. They are continuously efficient and affordable. I researched and wrote about the options here

flygal61 said...

I too had pneumonia when I was young, and still am plagued by allergies. The air purefiers and air cleaners defintely help the problem. It is always especially difficult when it is children who are suffering. We need our environmental air to be cleaner, it would help all of us to be healthier.
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