Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Fulfilling Career

My youngest brother, who celebrated his birthday 3 days ago, studied Nursing when he was in college. During that time, and even up to this time, nurses are very in demand here and abroad. Unfortunately though, he wasn't able to finish the course for he had to fly to the US with my mom and dad. His girlfriend, however, took Nursing and is currently a nurse in a prestigious hospital in New Jersey. She recently took the board exam, and gladly passed it with flying colors. She's a sweet, smart lady. There are various nursing schools that you can find online. One good site I know is the If you choose to be a Licensed Practical Nurse, you can take an LPN degree program at lpn schools found in the site. If you want to know what school offers LPN in your area, just hover your mouse on School Locations, or use the drop-down under Schools by Location. To help you further in choosing, they show Featured Schools located in different states. Visit now. Start a fulfilling career as a nurse.

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