Thursday, January 22, 2009

Journey Within

Like every parent, you would want to protect your children and keep them safe at all times. Even if we've been using the daycare for almost 2 years now, there are times that I still fear for my children's safety. "What if Noah falls from the stairs and badly hit his head?" "What if they're running with a pen and he falls and pokes his eye?", "What if, for some reason, the daycare provider didn't notice there's a knife or scissors lying around and an accident happens?". Not that my daycare provider is irresponsible and incompetent, it's just these are some fears I can't help but worry about on some days when I'm not with my kids. Our caregiver is the nicest and the most patient and caring person I've ever met. I can say that Noah, and even little Kaiden love being there. Each day, I pray and entrust everything to Him. I keep telling myself that they're in good hands. I do my best to quit worrying each day. I have to, else my life will stagnate. Nice Average Guy is a novel about a man who lives a pretty comfortable life yet fears about having a meaningless or worthless life, finding no love in the end, etc. It is a well-written book authored by Ned Mansour. This book touches the heart, and will allow you to retrospect or look deeply into yourself without being draggy as it is filled with wit and humor. Buying this book will benefit the TrinityKids Hospice Care.

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