Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Walmart Experience

I ran out of milk and eggs today. My Mom and I along with Noah went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. Chet had already told my Mom that I had been crazy about couponing and stocking up on items when they're on sale. This morning before we proceeded to Walmart, I picked up the newspaper on our driveway and looked for the circulars. Price Chopper, Hyvee and Hen House have great deals for the week. Before, I would go to each store to avail of their discounts or sale. This time, I tried a new saving adventure. We went to Walmart as planned, bought groceries, but bought them not at Walmart price but at a lower Price Chopper's sale price. Confused? I brought along the Price Chopper circular with me and asked the cashier if they could match their sale price. Yes, they do price match. Price Chopper has Kraft Cheddar cheese on sale for $1.88. Walmart sells it for $2.14. I showed the cashier the Price Chopper ads, and instead of putting $2.14, she rang it up for only $1.88. Same thing for Edy's Ice Cream. It was on sale for $2.69 at Price Chopper. I got it at that price instead of paying $3.48. Oscar Mayer bacon was also on sale for $1.99, got it at that price instead of the regular Walmart price... and the list goes on. In a nutshell, instead of going from store to store to take advantage of each store's sale, I can just go to Walmart, and save the most money. Saves a lot of time, too! Such convenience for me. :)

Anyway, for Price Chopper deals, you can either check their circular, or you can go to their site

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