Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wedding Day

I can't remember how long my youngest brother and his girlfriend have been together now. My wild guess would be 5 years. His girlfriend, Jack, short for Jacqueline, is the sweetest girl I've ever known. She truly is a sweetheart. She works as a registered nurse in a highly reputable hospital in New Jersey. I've been asking them when they plan to get married. I just believe that they deserve each other. Saying that, I stumbled upon this great site called where you can get stylish wedding dresses, tuxedos, etc. They have a wonderful collection that you wouldn't want to look elsewhere anymore. If you're looking for a bridesmaid dress, or flower girls dresses, they also have lovely choices with beautiful accessories to match. I love the designs, the colors, and the styles of their dresses.

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Hazelicious929 said...

wow! I love attending weddings... I just love to see how couples exchange their vows to each other... how sweet!


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