Sunday, January 18, 2009

Plane Crash In Hudson River

Until now, I'm still amazed with the plane incident that happened at the Hudson River in NYC. Very smooth and successful landing by the pilot whom I admire for his unbelievable calmness and presence of mind, the airline crew, the rescuers who didn't waste any second to help the petrified passengers,... Hats off to everyone for the heroism and splendid work! God's Amazing grace!

Click this link for the complete story and for more pictures and videos about the plane crash. US Airways Plane Crashes In Hudson River

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times

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DebbieDana said...

Oh yes, the first time I read it over the internet, I was like... Oh my....praise the Lord! And yes, praise the pilot, hehe.

Actually, the news made me nervous at first because of our forthcoming trip to Washington DC in 2 weeks to renew my passport, but with God's protection and guidance, I know we'll be safe.

Have a great Sunday night Mommy Sheila!


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