Thursday, January 1, 2009

Winter Fashion

Can't believe it's the start of another year! Gee, that means I'm getting older pretty soon. My birthday is just around the corner. That also means Valentine's near. I've been looking into women's suits which I can get as a gift for myself. There is one that looks interesting to me. I used to wear suits before when I was working as a Medical Representative. It was necessary as we needed to look more professional and respected. I miss those days when I had to prepare myself in front of the mirror for some amount of time, complete with make-up that would match my suit. I like matching my clothes with office jackets that look trendy.

These chilly days require me to wear thick winter clothes. One can still be stylish despite the bulk of clothes you have to wear. It's a challenge but sleek trench coats and fashionable boots can create a chic look to oneself.

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