Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty Flowers

I was surprised to get flowers from my co-workers on my birthday which was weeks ago. Oh, it was lovely! Our office smelled so good! So fresh and colors were vibrant! I actually thought they've forgotten it. My birthday was on a Saturday. No one greeted me on a Friday before that when I was at work. Although, the phone department remembered. I was alright with it since I didn't really care that much. Monday, the following week, a bouquet of flowers was delivered and put on my desk without me knowing it. I was faxing something that I had to leave the office for a minute, and when I got back, there I saw my flowers. I felt so special. I thanked them all. It was so sweet of them. Martha Stewart flowers do make wonderful centerpiece. I like the Martha Stewart Mixed Rose Bouquet. It accentuates our simple living room. I like the combination of the colors- red, pink and purple. It complements the design and color of our house. We do have roses on our front yard. We love how they bloom in spring time. They are so lovely to look at. Every rose plant seems to compete with one another with their rich color. This Valentine's day, the Martha Stewart bouquet makes a wonderful gift. Oh, I would surely love to receive one. If you want to make someone feel special, just go They have flowers for all occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, get well, new baby, congratulations are some examples. They can be delivered on the same day as well. Prices are reasonable. They offer bouquets as low as $19.95.

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DebbieDana said...

WOW! Lovely flowers! That was so sweet and thoughtful of your co-workers to give you surpise flowers!


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