Thursday, January 22, 2009

This Saturday

2 more days and it's Saturday! I'm excited! Hmmm... You might wonder why. Well, my Mom and Dad are coming over to see their little grandsons and spend a week vacation. They're flying from New Jersey in the morning and will get here early afternoon. My Mom has been calling me almost every day to ask what we want, what Noah wants or what Kaiden might need. I can definitely feel her excitement through her voice over the phone. She laughs whenever Noah says "Yoya" meaning "Lola". So funny! Around that time though, my husband is going to Florida for MLS Training. Flights To Miami are accessible and can easily be found at They have a comprehensive list of flights through their directory. If you're looking for an economical or discounted flight, just go to their site. Everything is listed for you including tips for traveling, etc.


RoseLLe said...

wow! i'm all of you are sooooo excited now because cool yoya is coming. enjoy your time with them.
Living In Australia

DebbieDana said...

That was so cute of Noah calling his grandma "yoya"!

I can't wait for Daniel to meet my mom in person too. We're planning to visit the Philippines soon that's why I have to renew my passport or else, we can't travel. Dana and I are about to leave on Wednesday 1/28 to Washington DC, minus Daniel but we'll fly back the same day. It really is a big hassle taking Daniel with us so we decided to just leave him with my Pinay friend watching him, thanks to her. :)

Debbie :)


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