Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheaper Than Mylicon

I had always wanted to ask our doctor about a generic Simethicone. But, I'd always forget. Gee! :) Simethicone is the main ingredient of Mylicon, an anti-gas medicine. You see, Mylicon is pretty expensive. The smallest bottle (1/2 fl oz=15 ml) can cost $6 plus. And that only lasts for a few days. Kaiden often wakes up at night either due to teething or painful gas. He's going to need more than a bottle. Yesterday, I asked my hubby to watch the kids while I go to Target to buy Kaiden's formula. Guess what I found? A Target brand Simethicone that only costs $3.64, AND bigger (twice the size)! Mylicon costs around $10 plus for the exact same size (1 fl oz=30 ml). What a big difference in price, I must say. It has the same active ingredient (Simethicone), no artificial colors, no artificial flavor, no saccharin, no alcohol. Well, that surely makes Mommy happy, and baby, too! :)


Stuff could always be worse said...

It is great you found an off brand for less money. I love saving money and glad mommy was happy also. Looks like you have a wonderful family.

Sara said...

Thank you for posting this! My husband and I were going to buy Mylicon and were shocked to find out how expensive it was! I will go to Target!
Have a great day


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