Friday, April 24, 2009

Into Gardening Now

And I'm so excited! Before we bought the seeds, I initially did some research on which veggies are easy to grow. Beans, lettuce, radishes, pepper, cucumber were on the top 10 list. Tomatoes, they say can thrive easily, but they're kinda high maintenance as well. That I still have to find out myself. I have the big plump ones and the cherry kind. We went to Grass Pad a week ago and got also a couple of tray containers for plants that need to start growing indoors. Tomatoes and peppers are one of them. At first, I was worried they might not thrive because there's really not much sun getting through our window. My good hubby made an improvised table on the porch high enough for the dogs not to reach them. Great! :)

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Stuff could always be worse said...

Love your slide show, you truly are blessed. Thanks for what you posted on my blog, My Mom was 66 and we thought very healthy, except Diabetes. I guess no one will be ready to lose their Mom.
Great gardening, I love to eat freshly grown food.


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