Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crystal Shoes

Today marks our 3rd civil wedding anniversary. Soon after that, we got married in the church where most of our loved ones were present. This is one of the most treasured days of my life. My mother and my aunt were there to make sure that I looked good on my wedding day. They helped me with my wedding dress and in putting on my accessories as well as my shoes. Aside from a loving and supportive husband, my wedding wouldn't be complete without my family. For me, their love and support helped me get through this special day.

The bridal shoes that I wore that day suited perfectly with my dress. I had to wear high-heeled shoes though for my husband is tall. They were not too high for me to lose balance, but just right for my comfort and height. They looked pretty and completed the look for my wedding day. The bridal shoes from Zappos boast of unique elegance and beauty in style. The photo above is called Touch Ups Brooke. What I like about these shoes are the gorgeous crystals and jewel embellishments that sparkle on your feet. Lovely!

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Kerrie G said...

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