Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Favorite Shows

Every time my Mom calls, she would ask if I watched American Idol. It's obviously her favorite show, and mine as well. She likes Danny Gokey a lot. I do,too, but I'm more for Adam Lambert. Oh gosh! He just has the most amazing voice I've ever heard! It's one of a kind. He has a distinctive rendition for every song he sings. He's a rock type of singer. But when he sings, emotions overpour. Last week, Paula Abdul got teary eyed when he sang "If I Can't Have You" by Donna Summer. It was very unique, and beautifully rendered.

For the past couple of weeks, CSI Miami has also become one of my favorites. Actually, my husband was the first one who got addicted to it. Even my friends at work are into it. They would talk about it first thing in the morning. One day I decided to watch it at full length when I was rocking Kaiden to sleep. From then on, I've been watching it religiously with my dear hubby. Although, I must say, not as consistently as with American Idol. I like its clever plots, the stories' twists and turns. CSI Miami and American Idol deserve DIRECTV Awards.

"Please nominate this post for the DIRECTV BoB Awards".

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