Monday, April 6, 2009

My Two Babies and The Can

lol! Oh, yeah! When the potty chair is in the other room or is not readily accessible, we use the can for him to pee on. They say kids love the sound it makes so that makes potty training easier. Others suggest to put Cheerios as targets. In the video though, the can Noah wanted to pee on was baby Kaiden's new can of milk. Of course, he couldn't use that. hehe! :) Anyway, I love watching them interact with each other. It's so sweet and funny. :)


Shimumsy said...

hay naku, malalaki na yung dalawang boys mo. thanks sa pagdalaw today.kisses to the babies and take care always.


DebbieDana said...

Hehe. That was indeed soooooo sweet! They're not only brothers but best of friends, too!

Have a wonderful day Mommy Sheila. Hugs to your handsome boys!

Debbie :)


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