Saturday, April 25, 2009

Elegance Defined

Not a day will pass that my little boys would not spill drinks and food on the floor and on the furniture. The wood floor in the kitchen is definitely easier to clean than our carpeted living room. Spring is here, and ants, bugs are everywhere. So, you can just imagine how happy and lucky those bugs are when they smell juice, Cheerios on the floor. My kids are on the exploring stage, and I guess they like to know how gravity works when the sippy cup or bottle is turned upside down. It drives my husband insane. Since I'm with them most of the time, I've already come to a point of not stressing much about it. Although I tell my toddler that I don't like it when he plays and throws food on the floor, and that it's supposed to be eaten and not played with. After making a mess, most of the time I'd ask him to clean it up, helping him at the same time. I don't know how many years I would need to count for them to pass that stage. As much as I would like to replace our old sofa, it might not be a good idea right now. It would just get stained, or even wrecked by the my two young, rambunctious boys. There's a living room set though that I would like to have someday. It's called Palermo by ROM.

Oh, this one is a beauty! I like everything about it. The style and color define elegance. My husband may not like the color. He may like the one below instead. It's called LUCA. Again, it's by ROM. Both of them project sophistication. They're offered by Concept Furniture and they also have closets, bedroom sets, entertainment centers that are of superb quality and unmatched style.

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