Thursday, April 2, 2009

Swing Set For the Boys

I love the glider that we got. Fortunately, we were able to get it at a very, very reasonable price. The rocking motion helps Kaiden calm down every time he gets fussy. If Noah wants to read his favorite books, I sit down and read with him on this rocking chair. It's a good purchase I should say. Since Spring is here, I also decided to get Noah a basketball. They enjoy the outdoors so much. When the weather seems to be nice and cooperative, we either go to the park, or play at our yard with his basketball and bike. Kaiden appears to be content and happy in his little swing while he watches his brother throw the ball.

My husband wanted to get a slide or a play center for our little boys. I saw one that I like and it's called Blue Ridge Chateau Swing Set It has a beautiful wooden roof with two swings, a slide, sandbox, trapeze bar, picnic bench, etc. Oh, I'm sure the boys will love this especially Noah. Every time we go outside, I make sure they're in their play clothes. With Noah constantly running around, he surely needs to be wearing something light and comfortable.

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DebbieDana said...

Oh my, Noah and Kaiden will surely love this. They'll both enjoy it so much. We also plan on getting one but we're waiting until Daniel is old enough to play in there, baka mahulog pa sya sa ngaun,mahirap na.

Thanks alot for all your wonderful comments my friend. Hope you, your hubby and your beautiful boys have a fun filled weekend.

Take care!


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