Sunday, April 5, 2009

Three Years Married

Two pregnancies, two births in three years, add the adjustments we have to make as a couple from different cultures, and as new parents to two baby boys... Yes, we endured! :) Nothing really special to do today. The church wedding anniversary is when we normally celebrate. My hubby, even though it's a Sunday, has work. They have a game against San Jose this afternoon. I'm really wishing they win today for they had lost 2 consecutive games for the past weeks. Certainly not good. My hubby works very hard and I can see his frustration when the team loses. As a wife, I feel bad as well. I'm glad it's going to be on Metrosports TV so the boys and I can watch it and cheer for our super Daddy.

Whatever happens though, win or lose, you'll always be a winner and a champion in our hearts! Happy Anniversary, hunny! :)


PinayWAHM said...

Here's wishing they win this would be a great anniversary gift!

Thanks for the visit and the nice comment, Mommy!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Mommy J

DebbieDana said...

Hi Sheila!

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to you and your husband. May you both have many more blessed and wonderful years together not only as man and wife, not only as parents, but as the best of friends!

Have a wonderful day!


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