Friday, April 10, 2009

Never Lose Hope

As soon as I opened my account, I got an email from my cousin who's about to finish school this year. Oh, I'm so proud of her. Her mother died when she was only a year old. My family decided to adopt her including her other siblings. I never had a sister so I treated her like one. Several months ago, she lost her father from a chronic lung infection. It was a tough time for her. I felt her frustration when she mentioned that she's been having a difficult time finding jobs even with a degree near at hand. Never lose hope. That's what I advised her. Keep sending resumes online. She needs a better web hosting service though for she's been complaining about slow and losing connection most of the time. I found a very helpful site called Web Hosting Choice. According to reviews, was voted as the best host among the other hosting services available. Not only because of its unbelievable low price, but also because of its fast and dependable service. For only $3.95/ month, you get lifetime FREE domain, FREE instant set-up, UNLIMITED gigabytes of space, transfer, unlimited email accounts, and a lot more.

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coolingstar9 said...

A Blessed Life, Shelia
Yes, from the day we come to this world, we bound to face all kind of hardships and joy as well.
It is our part to motivate people whenever they are down.
" Do not lose hope " this type of encouraging words really help.
I have the blogging award for you on my blog post, please take it.
Shelia, happy blogging.


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