Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Bad Ear Ache

Kaiden had his check up last Thursday afternoon. On our way to the doctor's office, all he did was cry and scream. It seemed he was in so much pain. It worried me a lot that I had to pull over. I thought it was because of his hat that I forgot to remove before I put him in his car seat. The night before my hubby mentioned that he was pulling his ear and he's suspecting he had an ear infection. He was right. His right ear was badly infected. The doctor prescribed him Augmentin, an antibiotic. It usually causes an upset stomach for children. For Kaiden's case, this hasn't been a problem, thankfully. As of now, my fear of pneumonia or the dreaded swine flu has been eased. Thank you, God!


Chris said...

hope your little boy is better!

Salitype said...

good to hear he's ok...ear infection can be unbearable for small kids...hope he's OK now..


A.Marie said...

Whew! No Swine Flu! But, those ear infections can be so painful! Hope he is feeling better by now and that the antibiotic is doing its' job!

Take Care! :)

Miz Shamz said...

oh hope ur boy gets well soon...muaxxxx


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