Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love ALDI!

I can't say enough how much I love shopping at ALDI! I do most of my grocery shopping at that store for not only the prices are cheaper, but also because they really sell good quality stuff. Milk, creamer, cheese, cereal, fruit, are what I usually buy from there. Few days ago, their pineapple was only $1.19. Red seedless grapes were only .79 c/lb, and bananas at .39 c/lb. My family always has a supply of fresh fruit every day! For desserts, I normally use cream cheese. At ALDI, it's only priced at .79c compared to $2.00+ at most stores. I go home with bags of groceries without going overboard with my budget, and saving few more dollars for my next shopping. :)

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DebbieDana said...

Same here Mommy Sheila...I love Aldi too, they're alot cheaper than other grocery stores even Walmart! I also get stuff there for my balikbayan box, hehe!

Debbie :)


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