Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rain and Flood

Another reason why I can say I truly have a blessed life. My office manager knew I was from the Philippines. When the deadly typhoon hit the Philippines a month ago, my manager didn't hesitate to ask donations for relatives of mine who were affected by the huge flood. I didn't ask for it, but she did it out of a good heart. She witnessed the devastating effects of the typhoon though photos and videos over the internet and by watching CNN. I'm blessed to have such compassionate and kindhearted manager, doctors and co-workers.

Speaking of heavy rains and flood, there is a product online that I find very interesting. I wonder if we have those in the Philippines. They're called rain barrels. They can store gallons of rainwater which you can use for watering the plants later. Such process is called rain harvesting. Rain water barrels can keep your garden well-irrigated. Apparently, this piece of invention helps conserve water, and can definitely save you money in the long run. You wouldn't have to worry about exorbitant water bills. Right now, there are rain barrels for sale online. have them on sale for up to 17%. They offer free shipping as well. Quality wise, you'd be assured that they're made of high standard material. Customers have testified about their superb customer service and speedy delivery.

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