Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Zumba!

Yipee! The fitness center that I go to added another Zumba class. When I first learned about it, which was a couple of months ago, I got so excited that I wanted to pull the days, literally! I've been doing Zumba on Mondays for 2 hours, and on Wednesdays for an hour. Zumba is a fun dance workout. You do the cha-cha, salsa, samba, etc. You name it! Fortunately, I have a great instructor. She incorporates it with kickboxing and some modern dances. She uses not only Latin music but also several popular songs by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, even Bee-Gee's. Stayin' Alive! :) I enjoy it so much that I desire to teach it someday. I have to get certified first to be able to teach or be a Zumba instructor. Well, this October, they have a workshop near our place. It could have been a perfect situation, but my hubby has work and there's no one to take care of our kids. That's fine. Hopefully, this December they open up a workshop again. That time my husband would be able to watch the kids while I dance away for my Zumba certification. :)

Here's a video of how a Zumba workshop goes. Fun, fun, fun!


DebbieDana said...

Hhhmmmmmm, no wonder and sexy sexy mo na when I saw you in the photos that you posted recently! Zumba is a great workout exercise! Ang galing!!

Aligaga said...

Ahhh I miss going to the gym ! This Zumba looks so much fun and combining it with kickboxing makes it more interesting ! I can see how you can spend two hours doing this - variation keeps you entertained as well.

I am so jealous, I want to hit the gym again !

Jennifer Decker's Blog - Ed589 said...

I love zumba! I tried it a few months ago and never turned back! At the gym I go to, the instructor said he would start teaching every other Friday. Already, he's teaching every Wednesday and every other Saturday, but I still want more! It's an amazing workout!


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