Saturday, October 31, 2009

H1N1 Halloween Day!

It's an H1N1 Halloween day for the family! Sounds weird, huh? :) Early this morning, the whole family went to Mission Clinic for the boys' swine flu shots. Our county provided a free H1N1 vaccination clinic for selected groups. It was held from 9 in the morning until 2 pm, or while supplies last. Since most people wanted to take advantage of this like we did, as expected, when we got there around 8:15 am, there was already a long queue of people mostly parents and kids waiting. To add to that, it was freezing cold! Good thing though, Noah and Kaiden were in their costumes which were thick and warm. It was my hubby's idea to put them on their costumes since it's Halloween at the same time. Well, it's a "cute" idea I supposed.

The vaccines were given either as injectables or nasal spray. Noah and Kaiden are 2 and 1 yr old respectively, so they were given the injectable dose. Originally, we thought of just having the kids vaccinated. However, when we got inside the room, the nurse advised me that I could get one since I work in a doctor's office. So, I was given the H1N1 vaccine as well, but through nasal spray. It wasn't bad or uncomfortable. I was just instructed to "sniff" twice when she inserted the spray into each of my nostril. My husband didn't get the vaccine as he didn't meet the criteria for getting the free H1N1 shot. After 3 hours of waiting and getting done at last, we went straight to Denny's for a much awaited brunch. :)


A.Marie said...

Sounds like you had a fun Halloween!!

I hope this prevents you all from getting the H1N1 virus. The swine flu is NASTY!!

That was a really cute idea to dress them up in their costumes!! :)

J said...

hello!!!how was your Halloween with the boys? hope you enjoyed trick or treating.

have a safe week ahead!



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