Thursday, August 13, 2009


The other day my husband got freaked out because Noah's belly button got swollen. He called our doctor and even sent him a photo of his swollen belly button. He thought he had hernia or something. It looked awful! The doctor said that it looked like a bug bite for him. My hubby wasn't quite satisfied with it. He had to look into it further. He thought it was something more serious. He was really worried. The doctor suggested using Benadryl cream to stop the itching because Noah had been scratching it often. When I took Noah to the daycare yesterday, our caregiver said that she failed to mention the other day that Noah had a bug bite in his belly button. OK! At least, we now know that it's really just a bug bite. Summer is the favorite season of pests or bugs. At home, I have to wash our pillows regularly, not only because of bugs but because of milk and juice spills. We also had to change our mattress one time for it seemed infested with bed bugs. I'm glad we replaced it.

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cherie said...

these bugs really have a heyday in summer. i hate looking at my son's legs all swollen up and red from bug bites! hope noah's better!


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