Sunday, August 23, 2009

This September

Oh, I'm excited! And so are my my Mom and my Aunt. They are coming over this September to visit the boys. They have been calling every now and then and asking what we want or need. I've been telling them that they don't have to buy anything for us. Their loving presence is enough. We do miss them! Seeing them again means a lot to me and the boys. Of course, they still would insist on getting us something. My Mom called yesterday and said she found a bag that I might like such as this one.

I'm not really into designer bags. I could use a cheap but nice looking one I could find in the store as long as I could fit all my stuff in it. That's how simple I can be. She also found a small, cute backpack for Noah. Noah plays with his soccer ball and basketball every time we're out in the yard. So this one fits his love for sports.

I guess with all the things that my Mom and Aunt are getting for us especially for the kids, their luggage would surely be full. I hope they don't exceed the weight limit though for their baggages.

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