Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Little Gardeners

My 2- year old Noah did his gardening duty this morning. He harvested a bunch of red cherry tomatoes for our dinner tonight. :)

My little Kaiden, on the other hand, happily watered the plants with a hose. Apparently, this is one duty he never minds doing. No whining this time. :)


Mylene said...

Cute hehehe... They seem enjoying their duties. Good start:)

I have another tag for you here http://onlinemommy.blogspot.com/2009/07/book-tag.html

Have a blessed day!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Such a cute gardener and to have fresh tomato's is great.

Eng said...

ha!ha!ha! if there's one thing kids love, i think its playing with water!

good to know you have you own vegetable patch! i would love to have one someday.the only space i have for plants is the windowsill!

thanks for dropping by at the salitype page, sis! kahit di kta kilala parang kilala na den kita! contradicting ano? anyway you sounds very friendly,sistah!

J said...

hello there!!! sorry for the long absence. my mind has been very much preoccupied lately. medyo down because my Mom has been on hemodialysis twice a week. self inflicted renal failure. paano, she lost appetite and kept on with her arsenal of pills. syempre pa, bumigay ang kidney.

your little tyke is a great help na ha. he's so cute!


eva said...

hi sheila/ cute naman little boy mo.



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