Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh, my belly pooch!

That's me! hehe just kidding! :) I can only wish! For sure, I don't have a stomach as flat or toned as Jessca Alba's. :) Since I gave birth to my two darling babies, my weight hasn't come down to what it was before I had babies. According to other "Mommy" friends like myself, that's normal. And I have accepted that. I'm not planning to go back to my old weight for that would just be too difficult if not impossible for me to accomplish. I just want to be fit and feel good about myself. Exercise does benefit me not only physically but also mentally. I still have a belly pooch to work on and arms that need some toning. :) Little by little, I think I'm accomplishing my goals as far as fitness is concerned. I just wish toning the abs was easy. But of course, it's not. Oh well, Jessica Alba sure does have a lot of discipline and perseverance to achieve a flat belly even after giving birth. :)

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DebbieDana said...

Hay! I'm sure it will be my huge problem later on too,after my 2nd baby. AS of now kasi, I eat alot, i'm gaining alot of weight, and I am heavier now than when I was pregnant with Daniel... But it's ok... at least we have 2 adorable kiddos that we're very proud of!

Musta na beautiful Mommy? Hope you have a great week! Hugs and kisses to your handsome boys! Ingat...

Debbie :)


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