Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddyyyy!

As a gift, we also gave him a back scratcher lol! :) Noah and Kaiden loved playing with their Daddy's scratcher that one day we couldn't find it anymore. Either me or Noah would scratch his back every night. We love doing this for him, but this would come in handy especially when Mommy and Noah are already sound asleep. :)

Happy birthday hunny! We love you very, verrryyyy MUCH! :)


cherie said...

well, a happy birthday to your dear husband, my dear! sounds like you all had a good fun - esp. with the gift, hahah! hugs!

Mylene said...

Happy birthday to your dear hubby! May the Lord blessed him with more joyful years.

God Bless!

Grace said...

Happy birthday to your "hunny". This scratcher reminds me of my friend who can't sleep without it, too. :)

Eng said...

happy birthday to the hubby! better late than never!

very handy your gift is!

J said...

belated happy birthday to your dear hubby! unique yung birthday present ha.


DebbieDana said...

oh im sorry friend, I missed your husband's birthday! But please, let me greet him a happy belated birthday kahit sobrang late na...I'm sure he had a great birthday because he has a great wife and wonderful kids!

Natawa ako about the gift... It gave me the idea of what to give too for Dana on his birthday... He's like your husband too, he loves gentle scratching/massaging every night, and he does the same for me every morning before he leaves home for work.

Debbie :)


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