Friday, August 28, 2009

How's Your Credit?

I feel sorry for our daycare provider. Late Tuesday night she called to inform us that she had to close the daycare for a few days for there was a fire in their house. Oh my! Did she say her house was on fire?!?! Gladly that wasn't the case. She said the fire wasn't that huge. The house is standing still. It started in her kitchen and she's suspecting that the stove had a short circuit. Good thing she had a fire extinguisher on hand and she was able to stop the fire on time. However, the smoke and the smell of toxins were powerful that it got into her carpet. Yesterday when I talked to her she mentioned her carpet had to be replaced totally. Walls had to be fixed unfortunately as well.

Previously she said she needed to have her old van replaced. Now, she needs to have her house cleaned and fixed at the same time. One expense on top of another. I'm not sure what her credit standing is as of the moment. But there is one company that offers guaranteed credit repair services. It's called DSI Solutions. They help improve credit. They do credit repair with amazing results. I'd definitely mention this to my daycare lady in case she asks.

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