Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Little Mower

Noah loves doing stuff with his Dad. This time he wanted to mow the lawn with my hubby pushing the heavy equipment for him. Notice he's too small for the lawnmower that he could hardly reach it. :) But, he wanted to help and he enjoyed doing it especially if it's with his dear Daddy. :)


cherie said...

they love doing stuff with us! and i enjoy it, too!

Chubskulit Rose said...

hahahahaha he is so cute!

DebbieDana said...

Oh my...that really is so precioous! And so cute too! Noah is very much like Daniel, he loves doing alot of things together with his Daddy including mowing the yard. Things like that really make our hearts melt,right?

Hugs and kisses to sympre si Kaiden din! Oh by the way, i'm already 26 weeks...Just less than 100 days to go,yehey!

Pasensya na ngaun lang visit dito, been pretty busy lately, but please know that im constantly thinking about you!

Ingat lagi beautiful Mommy!!

Debbie :)

J said...

hi there!

so cute ang little one mo. he just wants to be a part of his Dad's chore. nakakatuwa!

hope you enjoy your weekend. hugs to your little angels.


Anand said...

hi friend...wanna xcng links? add and buzz me.

Mylene said...

Cute hehehe..

cherie said...

hi sweetie, please grab the Cupcake Award from my sidebar when you get a chance! hugs!


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