Friday, May 29, 2009

Before Buying A Car

I have yet to find a time or day where I can just focus on cleaning my car. It is such a mess right now. Few days ago, I washed my kids' car seats. They had become filthy from food scraps, spills, etc. I need to spend probably a day to do a thorough vacuum, or do detail cleaning of my car. I've been wanting to do that. In fact, I even bought a vacuum intended for car use only recently from a garage sale. Currently, my mind is preoccupied preparing for Kaiden's first birthday. I guess after his birthday, I'd be able to find time to do it. I wish!

Speaking of cars, GMC has a new small crossover called 2010 GMC Terrain that made its debut last month in New York. It seems to me that this can compete with the popular SUV's such as the Honda-CRV and Toyota RAV4. One of its great features is that it has a roomy space. Space is not limiting. That would be a plus factor if you have kids. It has a stylish interior and most of all, it saves on fuel. If you're looking for Ford Transit Connect, Buick enclave, or trucks, it would be wise to do further research on them before purchasing. TheCarConnection has a wealth of information that would surely be helpful in your decision. Reviews, photos, insurance, tips are available. Before you buy, be sure to check their site.

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