Monday, May 25, 2009

Saving with Credit Cards

In these tough times, why would you not save? Most of the time, I buy store brand products instead of the name brand ones when I do grocery shopping. Main reason is they cost a lot less. For most items, you wouldn't notice the difference in taste, or quality such as sugar, salt, etc. There are some items though that I have to go for the name brand such as the diapers. I haven't been lucky with store brand diapers. They leak and are of poor quality from my experience. This is how I save. My hubby is pretty good with handling our finances or bills. When it comes to credit cards, he follows a credit card transfers guide. You can go to for a very helpful guide on balance transfers. Last week, my husband had to call the credit card company and ask about the exorbitant interest rate that they are supposed to implement this July. It was a good thing that he read the letter from the bank. It is ridiculous how credit card interest rates can get so high. For that reason, one has to be extra vigilant. The best way to do it is to check, take advantage of their balance transfer calculator and read their articles regularly. There is a number of banks out there who offer 0% balance transfer. Using the site can benefit you with choosing the one perfect for your needs.


Credit said...

Thanks for sharing this blog. I read some of your post and enjoyed reading.
There's one topic I read earlier-- lessons learned... topic discussed...
and realization kept. Thanks for sharing.

For saving with Best Credit Cards, informations are all here.

Polly said...

Hi Friend! Credit cards are nice to have but it's so easy to pull out that plastic and we often become overwhelmed when the bills for our purchases begin rolling in!! If only we hadn't bought this or if only we hadn't bought that .... yet, used wisely, a credit card can be a life saver.

DebbieDana said...

As much as possible, we don't use credit cards. Sa panahon ngaun, kailangan talagang mag-tipid. But credit cards are really very important when in times of emergency.

Kami din, we also patronize store brand stuffs, and we're satisfied naman. When it comes to Daniel's diapers, he wears Huggies at night time and whenever we go out, but he uses Parent's Choice during the day pag sa bahay lang para makatipid, hehe.

Debbie :)


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