Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Upside-Down Tomatoes

Instead of buying the topsy-turvy planters, we decided to use the empty paint buckets we had in our garage. Hubby had to drill a big hole in the middle and few small holes around it. We spray painted the buckets with burgundy to make them look lil bit pretty. On top, I'm planning on putting flowers such as petunia, or herbs like parsley, cilantro, or basil. I'm hoping this weekend the plan would push through. That way, the buckets would look more attractive. :)


Juliana said...

great plan!

the seeds in my planters are nowhere to be found yet. I'm crossing my fingers that they will sprout soon. I'm getting impatient.

hope you'll have a great weekend ahead! it's almost Friday. :-)


DebbieDana said...

Very creative! So pretty like you Mommy Sheila! Naku, pag nagbunga yang tomatoes, pahingi ha, hehe!

Thanks alot my friend for your wonderful comments, we really appreciate them.
How are your 2 handsome boys? Hope they are well. Daniel has been sick since last Tuesday night, so we took him to the doctor today and he was given antibiotics. He has ear infection pala, he's coughing too. But he feels alot better when I gave him his meds so hopefully, very soon he'll be completely well.

Please hug tightly to Noah and Kaiden! I'm sure they're growing up so fast and more handsome!

Debbie :)

Concord Carpenter said...

I saw this on television....does it work?


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