Saturday, May 9, 2009

No Need For Keys

There have been times that I'd forget to pull the key out of the door when I come inside our house. It has happened a few times that I'd be looking for my keys only to find out it was still hooked on the lock of the door. Nights would pass, morning would come, with the key still attached to the door. Both keys for my car and house are in the same keyholder. Therefore, if someone sees them, he could steal the car without me knowing it. Seeing the keys outside, it's like giving permission to the thief or a heartless soul to come in and take our possessions, and worse, our lives. That is scary! Thank God that never happened.

Having said that, I became interested with the keyless lock that Axxis Biometrics offer. You wouldn't need keys, security cards, or a password to enter the house. The only thing you need is your finger. This keyless lock has a sensor that recognizes your fingerprint. Cool, huh? Very innovative! I just see this in hi-tech movies and now it's for real. With this latest breakthrough, I don't have to worry about forgetting or losing my keys. I don't have to look at the very bottom of my purse, or slip my hands through all my pockets in search of my essential keys. My brown little finger is all I need. Such is the keyless lock.

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