Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun, Safer Summer

I can't believe my baby Kaiden is already turning a year old next month. Oh, yeah! It seems I just gave birth to him a few months ago. lol! Oh well. As early as now, we've been preparing the house, and our budget for his upcoming birthday. I have a list of things that need to be accomplished before the occasion, things to buy, the food to eat or snack on, giveaways for the kids, etc. It's going to be a simple yet memorable one. We can't afford to be extravagant especially nowadays, and I don't want to be stressed much about it, too. Since it's a good month to do activities outside, we decided to have a barbecue party in our backyard. Lots of kids for sure! And since summer is here, mosquitoes would be everywhere.

Mosquitoes could bring West Nile Virus which is detrimental to one's health. It is a type of illness that should taken seriously. I heard about the Mosquito Magnet and I'm glad to know that it's got great reviews. According to the mosquito magnet review, it collects mosquitoes in big numbers that you would definitely notice the huge difference. Majority, if not all of the people using it are happy and completely satisfied. With this wonderful invention, you would be able to enjoy the outside more, and feel safer from the disease it could infect anyone. It's worth trying. I should get one for my son's party.


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*mikaella* said...

wow bilis talaga ng time mag 1 na si kaiden! happy mother's day!!


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