Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life Alert

My grandmother had fallen once and every one in our family was so worried especially my father. You would not want old people to fall, or get fractures from fall. They say that can make their condition worse. My grandmother, kindhearted as she is, can sometimes be stubborn. There are times that she would not want use a cane to stand or walk. She would always say she doesn't need it even if she does. My Dad would get upset. He fears she's going to fall and be hospitalized again. It was heartbreaking to see my grandmother in hospital bed and in much pain.

Both my parents work and sometimes my grandmother is left alone at home. They can surely make use of this new life alert system. Brickhouse Alert System offers security for your home and for yourself and loved ones. You won't have to worry about safety. It has a fall detection system, smoke detector, help button, medication reminders that would definitely be helpful. If your parent or grandparent falls, he or she doesn't need to push a button. A sensor is sent and if there's no response in 5 seconds, emergency would be on the way the soonest possible. I need to tell my father about this. This is an amazing life alert system product.

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