Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun-filled Getaway

Most of the time it's been sunny, although yesterday there was a threat of a severe thunderstorm. We didn't experience that, thankfully. So, since the weather has been nice outside, we decided to get a pool for the kids. Not too small nor big, but just the right size for the kids to dunk themselves in. It's Kaiden's birthday next month, so we're also thinking of setting this up outside for the party. A year ago, hubby would bring Noah to the nearby park where there's a huge pool for the kids. Kaiden was still a newborn baby then. Oh, Noah had so much fun! Swimming in pools, going to beaches are popular especially during the summer because everybody wants to cool off from the hot, humid weather.

When the kids are big enough, we plan to go to a nice beach resort such as the Prince Resort, located in North Myrtle Beach Resortin South Carolina. Lovely views, quality amenities, excellent customer service are what they boast of. It's one of the North Myrtle Beach Resorts that is full of fun and excitement. If you want to watch a concert, they have the great Legends to entertain you. My hubby loves the ocean and he comes from a family of boatmakers. He will surely love the Enchanted Sailing Charters by the North Myrtle Beach Resort. Fish-N-Chips? Oh, I've been craving for that. That's what they call their breakfast buffet. You dine while you get to cruise on Carolina's biggest vessel.

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DebbieDana said...

What?! Baby Kaiden turns 1 next month?!! Oh the time flew so fast?? My goodness!!!

Hugs to Kaiden please.


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