Saturday, May 2, 2009

Noah's Friend

The first time I saw Jack, he had a big black circle around his left eye. He was only 8 months old then. Later, I learned he was badly shaken and thrown on the floor by his former babysitter. tsk tsk tsk :(

This news came out on TV a month ago. I watched it and saw my 2 year old son's friend on TV. He goes to the same daycare as Noah. His parents were interviewed after the court decided to put his former babysitter in jail for 60 days' shock time. It was obvious in their faces that they were very disappointed about the decision. The babysitter shook their baby and threw him on the floor! It caused brain and physical injury that his development was apparently delayed. I remember around that time, he wasn't crawling or sitting up straight yet. Now that he's already 18 month old, I noticed his big improvement. I can say our daycare provider did an awesome job on taking care of him. Every time I'd pick up my boys, I'd see him smiling, laughing, and happily playing with the other kids. He's such a cute lil boy! He has big, blue eyes and curly hair that's so adorable. I pray that he continues to recover and not suffer any permanent brain damage from the shaking.


Haley said...

Only 60 days?? That infuriates me!
I suffered from a brain injury from an auto accident. I couldnt even imagine a poor young child suffereing. I feel for the parents as well. Im glad they found a good daycare now. I pray for the little boy in his healing.

desperateblogger said...

the freaking baby sitter should be thrown, shaken and punched and whacked in the face! grabe!!

anyway, the weather here is crazy. as i type, it's raining cats and dogs- in the middle of summer.


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