Friday, May 15, 2009

Olive Oil For My Face

I thought the Clinique Moisturizing Gel would work the same way as the Moisturizing Lotion. I had been using the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion ( long name, huh? :)) for years and I'd say I was happy and satisfied with it. Because I read great reviews about the gel, and out of curiosity as well, I tried the newer formulation thinking it would give me better results. It actually did. The first week, I was impressed. It did make my skin feel velvety smooth. I loved it! However, after that week, my face got too dry. Too dry that lines on my face became prominent whenever I smiled. All of a sudden I noticed wrinkles. I'm getting old! hehehe :) So, I decided to go online and check on olive oil for dry skin.

I've been using it for a week now, and I can say that it works! I wipe my face with a drop of the extra virgin olive using a cotton ball before going to sleep and before putting my make-up on during the day for work. The smell...well, it's tolerable. I can't complain especially if the effects are wonderful. Now to exfoliate, I add a teaspoonful of sugar or salt to olive oil in a small bowl and rub the mixture gently on my whole face, including my lips. (I concentrate a bit more on my cheeks for the "rosy cheek" effect. *wink* :))I then wash it with warm water until the sugar or salt is gone. Soon after that, I splash my face with cold water. Pat dry. Put a little of the olive oil again to moisturize. Oh, your skin will glow! It's a new addition to my bathroom. A necessity I surely consider. :)


PinayWAHM said...

Hi Mommy....

Got a tag for you. It's about 'plagiarism'.....hehe. Good timing ano?

Happy weekend,

Mommy J

Vinny said...

nice blog.. I hope our blog to be a friend. I have add your link..thanks

DebbieDana said...

Oh I've tried this several times already when I was still in the Philippines. I read it in a magazine before and I tried it, I liked it! I also tried it here in the states a couple of times already but for some reason, I stopped..Bakit nga ba? hehe... Now that you mentioned it, I will try it again and make it as part of my beauty regimen. Thanks again to you!

Hope you have a great Tuesday. Hugs and kisses to Noah and Kaiden!

Debbie :)


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