Thursday, May 14, 2009

Noah's Garden

Besides Mommy (myself), Noah also has his own little garden at the corner of our backyard. It has tomato plants, watermelon, cantaloupe and radishes. They say seeing the watermelon grows into a ripen fruit would be exciting for kids. We planted the radishes from seeds so we're still waiting for the seedlings to come out. Each day, I'd take Noah with me to check on his garden so he can see how his plants have grown. Not much improvement yet. Many more days to count. But, the garden adventure surely is a lot of fun for the whole family. :)


DebbieDana said...

WOW! That's so nice of Noah to have his own garden. I'm sure he'll be so excited to check on it everyday.

We'll resume gardening too now that we're back home.
We missed you too Mommy Sheila, and your whole family especially your wonderful boys Noah and Kaiden! It's good to be back, but we already miss my family back home in Pinas.

Debbie :)

A.Marie said...

Thanks for the kind comment you put on my blog; I'm glad that you can use some of my money saving tips!! You also have a nice blog; I have visited it a few times, and it is always enjoyable to read! :)

Stuff could always be worse said...

Great to see your garden. I passed on an award to you, I did not follow the rules totally. I say do what you want with the award. I like your blog.

I do not always sign my name cause I am lazy.

W-a-H-M said...

Hi Mommy,

Buti pa kayo merong garden na. Ako di maka pag-umpisa kasi it will just be ruined by my lovely pets [squirrels & armadillo]. Hay buhay.

Thanks for the visit. Enjoy the weekend~

Mommy J

Juliana said...

this is awesome, pati anak may garden din. I haven't even started yet.

thanks sa dalaw ha. here's the link to the new victim if in case you're interested to check out.


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