Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free KFC...I Thought

I didn't feel like making dinner tonight. I was supposed to use the KFC coupons I downloaded from Oprah's site. The coupon is for FREE 2 pcs. grilled chicken, 2 side dishes and a biscuit. I was excited to learn about this from my friend. I actually had 4 of them. So, I went to the KFC store near our place. Upon entering the drive thru, I saw a note saying "Sorry, we have reached the 100 limit for coupons from the Oprah show. Please come back tomorrow." Okay. Not a problem! On my home, there's another KFC that I could drop by and try my luck. Oh well, I thought I'd have a chance at this branch. But, unfortunately, I did not. Same note was posted. No KFC tonight, dear. So, I decided to go to Price Chopper instead to buy their tasty, crispy fried chicken. Mmmmm... They're good! :)


Stuff could always be worse said...

I tried to print out the coupons and my printer would not work. I thought I would today and no longer available. I guess it is good that my printer kept me from waisting time.

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