Saturday, May 2, 2009

Learning From Peers

This is a great idea! My friend at work is a college student and this would definitely benefit her. It's called Course Hero. It's a social learning network where you get to meet and learn from other students online. They provide you with study guides and supplemental materials for your course you're talking, or about to take. At the same time, you can join study groups which I believe would help students learn more effectively.

When I was in college, I benefited more from studying with my classmates than with our teacher. Not that I had inefficient professors, but studying and exchanging ideas with others helped me to comprehend the lessons more deeply. You get a broader understanding of the subject. It seemed that the lessons get stuck in my head more than just listening to our teacher. With Course Hero, you teach one another online. Exciting, huh? If you need educational materials for a particular subject, they can provide them for you. Needing a Biology Exam Study Guide, or a BIO 320 UT Exam Prep? Don't look far. You don't have to search high and low for it. Simply visit their site and sign-up. It's free.

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