Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best Hosting Service

The first time I saw the tomato seedlings and the green beans sprout out, I was so happy! I felt like a kid winning the 1st prize in a Science contest. I thought it's the start of my successful gardening. But then, a week later, the tomato seedlings started to wilt away and looked like they're going to make it. Sad. I felt like I lost a dance contest! hehehe :) Although I'd say my green beans are doing good so far. Great! Hubby was still positive about the tomatoes and kept on saying that they'd be fine. Okay. When he got home last Thursday, he greeted me with Advance Happy Mother's Day and surprised me with 2 trays of 27 tomato plants! Wow! Do we have a big garden? No. But, I thought that was sweet and thoughtful. :)

Since I've been crazy about gardening now, I'm thinking of creating another blog that would just be all about our garden. For that, I would need a good web hosting service. I'm reading an article entitled Finding the Best Web Hosting Service. It offers great tips and advice. One of them is to assess your needs. Taking into consideration what you plan to host now, and in the future, is equally important. Rate, reliability and speed, technical support are the other factors to consider. For my choices, I have JustHost and WebHostingPad to think about. Hmmm... Which one should I choose? :)


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I have a tag for you. You may grab it from hereGod Bless!


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