Friday, May 22, 2009

Pair of Shades

The other day I got my two little boys a pair of blue shades. They didn't cost much. I think they were only a dollar each. Cheap, huh? lol! :) I asked Noah to put it on and it looked cute on him. I tried it on Kaiden and he was like wondering what was going on. He wanted to get it off his face as soon as possible. I've been looking for a pair of sunglasses that is similar to what I found online. It looked like this.
From that same store, there were also other pretty, inexpensive accessories being sold. Jewelry and watches of different colors and styles were available and they surely looked enticing to buy. Right now, I have to watch my money though. My little Kaiden's birthday is in a month and definitely there would be a lot of expenses. I have been getting the ingredients and other stuff we need little by little. I try to wait for them to be on sale as much as possible since the birthday party is still in a month.

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